What a journey!

From all that was to all that is


What a journey! From all that was to all that is, is as the title describes a story of remembering where we come from, till now, recognizing ourselves as creators and as consious beings. It is written in a simple and beautiful way, getting you to remember the essence of the journey since we left Home, the first sparkle of consiousness; how this helped the expansion of consiousness, our times in the angelic realms and the amazing experience of coming to Earth and feeling and seeing this amazing place full of life and beauty and how we got to nowadays. It has truly beautiful illustrations and is as enjoyable for kids as it is for adults.



In the beginning there is no end

In every end there is always a beginning

And this story that I will tell

Is my story and yours as well


Before the beginning of time and space

Before the creation of human race

This story starts in a different way


… there is something aware of itself,

Conscious it is

Stillness? Mmmmm more

Joy? Yessssssssss

Love? In love it is…

…? Just let it be

“First the light

Then the snow

What is it that I know?

That deep inside a feeling grows

And I recognize it as my own”



… in love it flows,

It expands, it grows

And it starts to hear the voice of its own


For now it´s here

Now it´s there

And now it becomes

Ourselves as well

So being it is everywhere


Exploring itself to the tip of it´s toes

It realizes that on and on

It can´t go