The Crimson Plane

The other day

I saw a white plane

with it's front crimson red

pointing to who nows where,

and I said yes:

there we are going to next.

Crimson leads white,

we are the explorers of consiousness

and the rest flollows us.

Blue is our planet,

blue for wisdom,not for sadness.

Here we come to remember

that we are indeed creators.

From crimson to blue

which melds into violet,

change is here

to start another cycle,

not of the old but of something new.

That is change, it is expansion.

The joy will lead you to expression

and to experience your creation.

Add white to your experience

and you will see,

that change can also be pink.

Violet can be experienced with grace and ease.

It does not need to be rough,

remember this time it is about love.

Get on the crimson plane,

or the train,it doesn't matter,

 we are God also is our claim.

White and black is the same,

darkness serves the light,

you only see the shadows when it is bright.

Black and white made this beautiful dance

for all the colors to expand.