Rose Marie Amador

Rose Marie Amador
  The lover
Dare to be
The Rose that you are,
That arose  from the see
With laughter.
The I Am Awareness
Is The Lover,
That crossed the illusion of separation
Through the golden door
Into the ocean of integration
Of you all.
Which required you to be the King
That stood in sovereignty,
Understanding that true love means
Without sadness, fear or blame
For all aspects,
From the most great or sweet
 To the  dark and sick
Were out of love created.
And as you stood still
In your safe place
And remembered:
The I Am Presence
Is acceptance,
The old stories changed
Into wisdom like a treasure.
Now the lover
Can inspire others
To their own awareness
That everything is perfection


To complete the cycle
You went beyond judgment,
Collecting the fruit of your wisdom.
To fly
With you Divine
Into new potentials.
Leap by leap
Expressing the joy within:
God is in continuous expansion,
And all is well
In all of creation

Laugh Rose Marie,
The potential
You are already

Rose Marie Amador commented:

You Begoña, are truly inspired. Speaking with the words from your Divine. From the colors of the rainbow, the earth, the heavens. Melting together with my heart. Thank you for expanding, inspiring me and my name here on Earth today. Thank you FOR YOU.
Receive all my love and deep gratitude.
I'll make sure to share your gift with many others, so many others can also feel inspired and loved.
So much love your way,
Rose Marie Amador