Our Journey from Home to the New Energy


        True Essence


        Colours, numbers & letters



  Our journey from Home to New Energy


(Red) The roar of the explorers of dimensions


(Orange) that left wholeness to be,                         (Yellow) yelling with awe

the first angels experiencing vibration                                            when we saw

our own reflections

(Green) Duality energy serving all

to realize that we are Creators

(Blue) With the breath of life

setting out towards the potential

of a new time


By owning all that we are

(Violet) we let our transmutation

into I am God also



(Bronze) Into sleepingness we dived

(Copper) and with the cup of joy we arrised

(Silver) seeing all our colours shine

(Gold) in the gold of our light






From light to darkness

the red rose has led us                to the joy of shining through creation

Our wisdom melted

for our transmutation

from a sleeping dimension

into full awareness

And so we saw                                                                           our gold in awe

To create with rainbows in this age of love