Luckasz Salez True Essence

Lukasz Salek
Look is love


Though it looked like you were sleeping,
you were a cross,
sailing in the crystal energy
of your endless love.
All of you pointing
to the master descended
to luk in awareness
and see the beauty
of it’s own expansion.
So the sleeping  beauty becomes awakening
with a crimson KISS
and you can sail in this simplicity
upon your creator ship,
going out on a new trip
you the Captain alive
now with love in your eyes.
And the sailor of sees
in it’s ocean can dive
and through space and time
 into it’s multidimensionality can fly
and say: yes, I am 99!


The Sailor of the Seven Sees
 the fruit of the cycles,
and in joyful consciousness
collects it
transmuting it in new awareness
as he moves in infinity
bringing to Earth the Heavens.
Look in the mirror
and you will see:
a cross you have always been.
Look from above
to see the love,
for man always was
for the woman the dove
that went out to seek
the who am I?
and beyond the mind
always lied
this truth of mine:
Luk is love.


Transmuting from the blind sea
into the ocean of the new me