Isabel and her Magic Land


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"Isabel and her Magic Land" is a beautiful and inspiring story for all ages. It is a story about creativity and imagination, about magic, about our own ability to make real our dreams.
One day I asked myself: what would I create for myself to enjoy life on Earth? I would create my own Paradise, I thought. What does Paradise look to me?, was my second thought. A beautiful piece of land with rivers, lakes and all sorts of animals, I answered myself. And friends, I also thought, to share beautiful experiences with. And I made a couple of tiny drawings.
Some time later I wrote down some of the experiences I would like to enjoy, and so, "Isabel and her Magic Land" was coming to life, because many of the experiences I would like to enjoy are indeed magical, and many others are just about enjoying the true beauty of life.
Then I began creating the illustrations for my book and let my imagintation run wild. I saw that there were more stories within them, though I didn´t write them down. They are there to discover, to take me into a magical journey each time different.
When I look at them I see them coming to life, I hear their jokes, I feel their love; they accompany me during my day and life becomes magical and fun.
This is what I teach, by the way. I teach to connect to that beautiful and quite space of the heart, where anything can be, where imagination is free.

And the end of last year when Adamus spoke about our vision it truly touched something in my heart that has been for long time there waiting for me to wake up. For some years I have been seeing beyond the "sea" of phisical reality as Adamus calls it. At the befining it was sparkles moving in a kind of beautiful and fast dance, later colored bubbles, and then I started seeing flowers everywhere. Last year as I began "melanging" my flowers I saw they were begining to laugh, dance and play with me, one day we created an amazing orquestra. Magical beings began to appeare as well but not the traditional ones, these I had never seen before and knew that they were my own creations. One day at work I felt inspired to make a small drawing of what would heaven on earth look like to me and then I really felt my passion coming to live. A beautiful nature seen with animals, a river, cascades, mountains, trees, flowers, the sun, but also raining gently and snowing, sparkles, bubbles,... I had fun.
Llast summer as I was looking at the water in a transparent bottle I was drinking from, I saw some beautiful animals I had never seen before, the sunlight shining through the water gave it a crystal appearance and I knew these were my own creations from the crystaline realms.  So these amazing animals joined my Private Paradise :-).
So when Adamus spoke about our vision I knew exactly what mine looked like and chose to bring it in, and, as Adamus told us energy to sustaine this vision began coming in as well. I began making illustrations for shaumbra books and it is the first time in my life I am earning money with joy. I love illustrating and shaumbra is amazing to work with and there books are unique, full of love and wisdom, and fun. I can feel we get together in our dreams at night in a simple and loving way and talk about the illustrations and the book and share insights and ideas, so when I am awake it is really easy to make the illustrations knowing generally that when I flow with my heart while I am drawing it is our dream conversations coming to live.
Of course my own illustrations took of as well, I am having really beautiful and cool experiences with these illustrations, they are actually coming alive, I saw the dragon I drew on the Piano Lake illustration playing with my cat in my bedroom the other day and my intuition told me that as these illustrations are creations of mine from the crystaline realms, part of my dream, my vision, they will come alive layer by layer. The flowers are new energy flowers and have light inside them, I began actually to create these some years ago but wasn´t totally aware they were part of my Paradise.
The other day I bought Yanna Volfinzon´s  cd´s, I have to say they are truly beautiful, and I was listnening to them  as I was drawing "The Piano Lake" one of the illustrations part of a chapter of my new book "Isabel and her Magic Land" that descibes how the water drops create music that sounds like a piano, and hearing her music I felt inspired to draw a tiny piano played by the lady of the lake as I have called her, the lake has several cascades so the drops as they fall are creating the notes. More amazing is that the floor of my bedroom is made by small rectangular pieces of wood that make squares and that morning as I was dancing with her music I realized that my bare feet were playing the piano on the floor for the whole floor became a piano made with these wood pieces. In the afternoon I took a bath and began playing as I do lately with the non pysical dolphins and magicals and I began splashing the water but instead of doing it in a noisy way as other times I did it more gently and also heard the piano sound through the drops of water, and began playing the piano with the drops. This is so much fun in a very light way. It feels creative and joyful.
Another beautiful thing is how I feel when I am making these illustrations, it is a feeling of love, joy, fun and magic, and when I am not feeling this I inmediatly know I am disconnected with my heart flow, which gives me the opportunity to stop, breath, have fun and feel my heart again. I see my magical beings and my flowers and animals many times as I am drawing and lately I also see these sparkles that are different than the other ones, for these look like shooting stars passing by between the paper and me.
I also feel my beautiful magical scenes in my daily life, as I am walking through the city, the park or watching the sunset at the dock. I am meeting people that like to join me for a while and have fun with me in my magic scene; feeling my drawings in my life also helps me to ground myself, to be in the moment, in my loving safe place, they whispper to me calling me when I am way to much in my mind, I get a clear image of them and their colours and feel them, and then breath and choose their beautiful energy and experience.
I always had been drawing, painting and the like and always have felt myself as an artist, but I never expected that when I started calling myself a New Energy Artist I would be creating my vision. It feels as creating not only as drawing. Of course I have to spill a bit of magic powder with my breath and laughter as well as use my voice to enchant my world as I sing to it in love. And go way beyond my mind as I remember this famous quote: "Some people see things as they are and ask themselves: why? I imagine things that have never been and ask myself: why not?".
I am also experiencing and amazing leap in the maturity of my style and technique, I know that for the first time in many years I have reconnected with my intuition and mastery combined with this new heart vision.
At the end of 2010 I jumped on my new energy winged horse and headed to the stars, and it seems that this year of 2012 I am back and have brought my dreams with me. Plus working with shaumbra is also inspiring me,  "Star", my horse, knows very well how to hear my heart and we both go out to explore potentials for my next work finding just the right shaumbra client to enjoy and expand, the right book to illustrate to go beyond things that are blocking me and I want to let go of, or just amazing new experiences I want to live.
Al this life I had have difficulties creating the life I wanted and struggling with abundance, but now as I am following my vision that comes straight from my heart things are begining to be different, easy, fun, loving, full of magic, expansive, full of joy. The heart knows how to imagine, to create and to attract energy to support it´s dreams.



Al final del año pasado cuando Adamus habló sobre nuestra visión, realmente tocó algo en mi corazón que ha estado durante mucho tiempo ahí esperando que me despierte. Durante algunos años he estado viendo más allá del "mar" de la realidad física como lo llama Adamus. Al principio fue destellos moviéndose en una especie de danza hermosa y rápida, burbujas de colores más tarde y luego empecé a ver flores por todos lados. El año pasado cuando comencé a soplar vida en  mis flores  vi que comenzaban a reír, bailar y jugar conmigo, un día creamos una orquestra increíble. Seres mágicos empezaron a aparecen, pero no los tradicionales, estos no los havía vista antes y sabía que eran mis propias creaciones. Un día en el trabajo me sentí inspirada a hacer un pequeño dibujo de lo que el cielo en la tierra es para mi, y entonces sentí realmente mi pasión volver a la vida. Una hermosa escena de naturaleza  con animales, un río, cascadas, montañas, árboles, flores, el sol, pero también lloviendo suavemente y nevando, destellos, burbujas... Me divirtí mucho.
El verano pasado cuando estaba mirando el agua en una botella transparente de la que estaba bebiendo, vi algunos animales hermosos que nunca había visto antes, la luz del sol brillando a través del agua le dio una apariencia cristalina y yo sabía que estas eran mis propias creaciones de las dimensiones cristalinas. Así que estos animales increíbles se unieron :-) a mi paraíso privado.
Así que cuando Adamus habló sobre nuestra visión sabía exactamente como era el mío y decidí volverla realidad aquí, como Adamus nos dijo una visión proveniente del corazón atrae energía para sustentarla y está siendo para mi. Comenzé a hacer ilustraciones para libros de shaumbra y es la primera vez en mi vida que estoy ganando dinero con alegría. Me encanta ilustrar y trabajar con shaumbra es increíble sus libros son únicos, llenos de amor y sabiduría y diversión. Puedo sentir que nos juntamos en nuestros sueños por la noche y de una manera sencilla y cariñosa hablamos acerca de las ilustraciones y el libro y compartimos conocimientos e ideas, de manera que cuando estoy despierta es realmente fácil hacer las ilustraciones generalmente sabiendo que cuando fluyen con mi corazón estoy dibujando nuestras conversaciones y viviendo mis sueños.
Por supuesto mis propias ilustraciones empezaron a volar también, estoy teniendo experiencias realmente hermosas y frescas con estas ilustraciones, realmente están vivas, vi el dragón que dibujé en la ilustración de el Lago del Piano jugando con mi gato en mi habitación el otro día y mi intuición me dijo que como estas ilustraciones son creaciones mías de los reinos cristalinos, parte de mi sueño, mi visión, se tornarán más y más reales. Las flores son flores de nueva energía  y tienen luz dentro de ellas, realmente empecé a crear estas algunos hace años pero no era totalmente consciente de que eran parte de mi paraíso.
El otro día compré unos  CDs de Yanna Volfinzon, tengo que decir que son verdaderamente hermosos, y estaba escuchándolos y dibujando el "Lago del Piano" una de las ilustraciones de un capítulo de mi nuevo libro "Isabel y su mágica tierra" que descibe como el agua cae creando música que suena como un piano, y escuchar su música me hizo sentr inspirada a dibujar un pequeño piano interpretado por la dama del lago como la he llamado, el lago tiene varias cascadas por lo que las gotas que caen son la que crean las notas. Más sorprendente es que el piso de mi dormitorio está hecho de  pequeñas piezas rectangulares de madera que hacen cuadrados y esa mañana, yo estaba bailando con su música y me di cuenta que mis pies descalzos iban tocando el piano en el suelo, el suelo entero se convirtió en un piano hecho con estos pedazos de madera. En la tarde tomé un baño y comenzé a jugar como hago últimamente con los delfines no físicas y mágicos y comenzamos a chapotear en el agua pero en lugar de hacerlo de una manera ruidosa como otras veces, lo hice más suavemente y también escuché el sonido del piano a través de las gotas de agua y comenzé a tocar el piano con las gotas. Esto es tan divertido, de una manera que me hace sentir ligera, alegre y en armonía. Es una sensación de creatividad y alegría.
Otra cosa hermosa es cómo me siento cuando estoy haciendo estas ilustraciones, es un sentimiento de amor, alegría, diversión y magia, y cuando no estoy sintiendo esto inmediatamente sé que estoy desconectada con el flujo de mi corazón, dándome la oportunidad de detenerme, respirar, divertirse y sentir mi corazón otra vez. Veo mis seres mágicos y mis flores y animales muchas veces cuando estoy de dibujando, últimamente también veo esos destellos que son diferentes a los demás, estos parecen estrellas fugaces pasando por entre el papel y yo.
También siento mis hermosas escenas mágicas en mi vida cotidiana, cuando estoy caminando por la ciudad, el parque o viendo el atardecer en el muelle. Se acercan amigos que desean unirse a mí durante un rato y divertirse conmigo en mi escena mágica; sintiendo mis dibujos en mi vida también me ayuda a centrarme en el aquí y el ahora, en mi espacio seguro y amoroso,  me susurran  llamándome cuando estoy demasiado en mi mente, me viene una imagen clara de ellas y sus colores y su sensación y, a continuación, respiro y elijo su hermosa energía y experiencia.