Begoña True Essence


Landi Pienaar
The flying fish
To be
Go in
The ocean of your love
Where consciousness lies
Beyond space and time.
Above new you’ll find
The wings of a dove,
And with new awareness you’ll fly
From and island in the see
To the land of the sovereign being.
Your present is the I energy
In which you trust,
And to next you’ll soar
With wisdom on your winged horse.
With your true essence now
You’ll create with the peaceful ocean’s sound,
Which in New Energy means
Anything you imagine to be.
Your true voice already sings
Sweetness, joy, love and peace
 From your I magic nation of your dreams


From duality to creation
I go,
From the old
To next.
The explorer that left home
Spirals again
Pointing to the Heavens
For in completion
The fruit of expansion collect:
I am that I am.
And now looking back
I can see
A creator I have always been.
A whole new set of potentials
Lies there for me,
From which to choose,
I am free
To simply Be



 From all that was
Pointing in expression
For the expansion of one
Through duality I go
Creating for I know
I am love


Who you are
True essence



Leaves of joy - no more!

Selected beauty - no more!

Amazing grace - oh yes!

How can that be?

Just guess.

In the morning, sun

And many at night

That cool breeze

No - it's warm but still...

I can't define


Wisdom of ages

Actually, it doesn't matter

Potentials Staggering

Art will save the world


Hear and snence

Smelling the yes

Orange juice for breakfast

A midnight sky pie at lunch


I guess the guests

Are ready to go

As my haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart

Is steady and glows


I spill them with fire

And scream out my lungs

I choose to be AMAZING

Begoña the True