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First you can see my paintings, and if you scroll down a bit you can see my illustrations, book covers and illustrations for publicity and logos


Primero puedes ver mis pinturas y después si bajas un poco verás mis ilustraciones así como cubiertas de libros, ilustraciones para publicidad y logos.




If you would like to have me make a illustrations for your children´s books or a drawing or painting, your house, web, CD cover, book,... contact me at begonalp@hotmail.com



Si quieres que te haga las ilustraciones para tu libro infantil o un dibujo/desenho para tu casa, web, CD, libro,... contactame por email begonalp@hotmail.com


1. The red flower. Acrylic on canvas 60cmx90cm

2. Horse. Painting for a coaching company/Pintura para una empresa de coaching. Acrylic on canvas

3. Nurturing Nature. For sale, 800€ A venta. Inspired in a spa center.Inspirada en un centro de spa 1m x 70cm acrylic on canvas

4. In the tub.  For sale 400€ A venta. 40 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas

5. In the shower. For sale 400€ A venta. 40 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas

6. Dancing Plant. for sale 400€ A venta. 50cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas

7. Unicorn. For sale 250€ A venta. 21cmx 29xm Mix media on paper

8. Magical Forest. For sale 200€ A venta. 21cmx 29xm Mix media on paper

9. Magical Forest II. For sale 200€ A venta. 21cmx 29xm Mix media on paper

10. Party in my garden. For sale 500€ a Venta. 29cm x 21cm Coloured pencil on paper

11. My garden. For sale 500€ A venta. 29cm x 21cm Coloured pencil on paper

12. La Cibeles. Painting for a beer company. Pintura para una empresa de cerveza acrylic on canvas

13. The 3 roses. Personal commission. Encargo personal

14. Inside the lake. acylic on canvas. 50cmx60cm

16. Flowers I. Crayon on paper. 50cmx60cm

17. Flowers II. Crayon on paper. 50cmx60cm

18. Flowers III. Crayon on paper. 50cmx60cm


Some more paintings/ Algunas pinturas más

Children´s books illustrations

Ilustraciones de cuentos infantiles

Illustrations for Karen Heins, author of "The star people of Isabella"


what she says

"It has been an awesome and amazing journey with Begoña as my illustrator!!!!!!
I have had many problematic challenges with previous illustrators and was unable to create the book I wanted. In contrast, my experience with Begoña was outstanding. She is very professional, reliable and motivated. She listens to and honors what you want. Her artistic style is brilliant and awesome. The result is beautiful, colorful, thoughtful and inviting pictures for children to enjoy. I am very pleased with her work and I highly recommend her."

Lo que ella dice

"Ha sido un viaje maravilloso e increíble con Begoña como mi ilustradora !!!!!!
He tenido muchos desafíos problemáticos con ilustradores anteriores y no pude crear el libro que quería. En contraste, mi experiencia con Begoña fue excepcional. Ella es muy profesional, confiable y motivada. Escucha y honra lo que quieres. Su estilo artístico es brillante e impresionante. El resultado son imágenes hermosas, coloridas, consideradas e invitadoras para que los niños disfruten. Estoy muy contenta con su trabajo y la recomiendo sumamente. "

A Comic

More children's books illustrations

Mas ilustraciones para libros infantiles

These illustrations are from my book ISabel and her Magic Land.

Afterwards you can find some illustrations I made for other writers.

Click on the images to enlarge them.



Las siguientes ilustraciones son de mi  libro Isabel y su Mágica Nación. Depués puedes encontrar ilustraciones que he hecho para otros escritores.

Haz click en las ilustraciones para agrandarlas.


Read some of the experiences I had with the book at ~Isabel and her Magic Land~

Lee algunas de las experiencias que he tenido escribiendo ~Isabel y su Mágica Nación~

Other book illustrations/Otras ilustraciones de libros

Book covers. Cubiertas de libros. Capas de livros

Illustrations for publicity/Ilustraciones para publicidad

1. Background for Website.  Fundo para página web

2. Logo for coaching company. Logo para uma empresa de coaching

3. Logo for coaching company. Logo para uma empresa de coaching

4. CD cover. Capa CD

5. Restaurant menu. Menu restaurante

6. Logo for Soap. Logo para empresa sabonetes

7. Logo for Hostel. Logo para Hostel

8. Poster for a beer company. Poster para uma empresa de cerveja.

9. Poster for a coaching company. Poster para uma empresa de coaching

Small paintings/Pinturas pequeñas

1, 2, 3 and 4 15cm x 15cm 

5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 15cm x 20cm 45€

10 and 11 30cm x 30cm 65€

12, 25cm x 30cm 65€


The following illustrations are for Nina Spitzer´s book "The monkey that vacuumed the jungle".

Las sigueites ilustraciones son para el libro de Nina Spitzer "El mono que aspiró la jungla".



The following drawings are illustrations I made for  Yvonne Provost´s children story book.

Las siguientes ilustraciones son para el libro de Yvonne Provost


Pet potraits. Retratos de animales

My cat Yes

Shanna a labrador dog

Mosca, the pet of the towns shoemaker